A Celebrity Love Story

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of “celebrity,” from my very first crush in the 60’s on Bobby Sherman, to my current favorite—Josh Groban.

One time, in my thirties, I was waiting for someone at Logan Airport in Boston when I caught sight of Michael J. Fox being escorted through the terminal by his entourage. Continue reading →

Dragonflies at Night: Meet the Characters #1 Savannah

Savannah Rose Adams is the wounded yet brightly positive heroine of my novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story (landing 9/22/20).

Please note that Savannah is entirely fictional, created by my imagination and hefty dose of magic from my creative muses. I know that she isn’t real (!) Continue reading →

My First Novel- Age 12

That’s right! 52 years ago I wrote my very first novel, called “The Cat Colony.” Jiminy! When I say it like that, (52 years ago, gees!), I feel really old. But I digress.

It started out as a 6th grade assignment from my English teacher, Mr. Ballentine. Write a short story. Continue reading →

This is Dedicated to…

One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting a book ready for publication is to write the dedication.  I kindof think of the dedication as a little stream of love and gratitude heading out into the world towards whoever/whatever inspired me.

But I also love reading the dedication page whenever I begin reading something new. Continue reading →

Let There Be Dragonflies!

Yes, indeed!

This week (among other things!) I’ve been working with Carol Coogan, my illustrious and very talented book designer, on the interior layout for the 9/22/20 release of my women’s novel, Dragonflies at Night.

Below you will see some screenshots of a few of the layout pages.  Notice that I had Carol insert some little dragonfly icons in different places! Continue reading →

Laying It Out

All my life I’ve been reading, reading, reading… but never paying any attention to a book’s interior design. Have you? Probably not!

This week my main focus has been on the interior book layout for Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story. I sent Carol Coogan, my fabulous book designer, my manuscript as an MS Word doc, and she is using a program called InDesign to lay out the book in an orderly, yet elegant fashion. Continue reading →

A Writer’s Desk

Welcome to my writing space!
When we built this house in 1995, this room was my stepson’s bedroom. When he moved out ten years later, we converted it into a guest room. But now we have two other guest rooms in our home, so this year … abracadabra! It is now my writing space. Continue reading →