No One Is Alone

My favorite musical of all time is Into the Woods (I’m partial to the Broadway version as opposed to the musical). Several fairy tale characters set out on a journey separately, each with their own set of wishes. At the end of Act One, they have all gotten what they wanted but . . .

When Act Two opens, they have what they want, but they are starting to want more. Plus there’s a Giant in their midst (thanks to Jack and his beanstalk!) and so they set out on another journey in the woods. Their paths cross and many decisions need to be made as far as getting rid of that Giant is concerned.

I won’t spoil the story for you if you’ve never experienced it, but I will say that the second act includes a few losses. We’ve all experienced loss of some magnitude, I imagine, so audiences are usually deeply moved when several of the characters sing a song called “No One Is Alone.”

These words especially have meaning for me, and also for Elana, the main character in my new novel, Sea Glass Memories:

Sometimes people leave youHalfway through the woodOthers may deceive youYou decide what’s goodYou decide aloneBut no one is alone


I have had people (and animals) leave me “halfway through the wood,” and so has Elana. Also Aunt Kit who plays a major role in Sea Glass Memories.  Have you lost someone you love before their time? How do these words make you feel? Do you believe that you truly are not alone?



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