Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®

Everyday life is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish, yet it’s easy to miss these chances if you don’t recognize their value. As you read the eighty-seven essays in this insightful collection written by Anne Marie Bennett, one of Seena Frost’s chosen SoulCollage® Trainers, you will begin to see yourself and the world around you with fresh eyes.

Illustrating the intuitive art process of SoulCollage®, in which creating your own deck of collaged cards helps you gain access to deep personal wisdom, Bennett’s essays cover life lessons, community, animal guides, spirituality, and the wide variety of ways to use SoulCollage® cards.

Each essay is followed by an invitation to the reader, including prompts for journaling as well as suggestions for SoulCollage® card making and further reading.

Kylea Taylor, president of SoulCollage® Inc., remarks, “This is a wonderful book! It is a really important contribution to our SoulCollage® literature.”

From learning to let go to connecting with your chakras, the lens of SoulCollage® helps you see your journey forward as something to be embraced rather than feared, and Bennett’s interactive essays shine a gentle light on the path before you.