Magical Inner Journeys

Anne Marie has prepared excellent guided meditations for many self-discovery purposes: therapy, group workshops and retreats, and  for one’s own creative inspiration. I love the book’s simple and concise advice on how to lead a guided meditation. Anne Marie offers good preparation for those who are new to facilitating these journeys. Magical Inner Journeys is a mini-library available to new or experienced facilitators looking for guided meditations with a variety of themes.
~ Kylea Taylor,
President of SoulCollage Inc.,
Author of The Ethics of Caring

Step inside any one of these Magical Inner Journeys and you’ll find yourself transported, through your imagination, to inner landscapes that have long been waiting your exploration.  Use these on your own, or share with any group you lead that is open to spiritual and personal growth.

Included are many resources and suggestions for personal use, suggestions for Facilitator use, as well as tips for how to guide a Magical Inner Journey effectively- before, during, and after the reading of the script.

These Magical Inner Journeys were designed with SoulCollagers in mind, however they can be adapted and used in many different settings and for a wide variety of purposes.

Topics include: Inner Voices, Archetypes, Spirituality, Animal Companions, Inner Treasures, Be Here Now, and more.

Anne Marie weaves a gentle wondrous journey in these scripts.  I love her imagery, and what a powerful set up for SoulCollage®. I will use these again and again!

— Jennifer Louden, Author & Teacher,

Wonderfully imaginative! Anne Marie’s Magical Inner Journeys invite deep experiences and unearth truly magical wisdom.

— Jill Badonsky, SoulCollage® Facilitator & Author, Kaizen Muse Coaching Queen

These special inner journeys open doors that allow new and surprising ways of meeting our inner parts. In each, we are brought gently and slowly to a state of wonderful relaxation in readiness for the visualization of the members of our inner “committee.”

— Imelda Maguire, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Ireland