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sunflower spirit book cover 880x1139FREE!
First 5 Chapters of
Anne Marie’s Book

20 pages of practical, real, low-energy ways to approach a cancer journey with what we call “Sunflower Spirit,” that ability to turn our face to the sun no matter what is happening around us.

If you yearn to stay more connected to yourself, others, and Spirit even in the midst of a cancer journey, you will be delighted with this free gift.

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Blessed Community Circle- Guided Meditation Recording

I’ve created an 18 minute “Magical Inner Journey” (aka Guided Meditation) that you can listen to or download right here.

Go ahead, take a little time to settle into your own skin and inwardly connect with your own Community Circle of people (and maybe animals) who have been and continue to be a part of your life.

If you are open to it, you will find much wisdom, comfort and support during this meditation.  The music in the background is by Mark Stanton Welch.


Click here to listen online.

Click here to download as an MP3.