All You Need is Love 💜 . . .
and Lilacs

A Novella About Love’s Surprising Gifts


The Beatles had it right,
and sixty-something Claire Reynolds is about to find this out.

Recently widowed, Claire Reynolds is lonely. The Connecticut librarian has been isolating herself while she deals with her sorrow, avoiding her pastor and best friend, as well as her son and his husband.

However, the lilacs in her garden attract a little boy named Tommy who wants to pick some flowers for his mother. Claire is inspired by this interaction to begin opening up again, but she soon finds that Tommy needs her more than she ever expected.

People are saying…

I cried happy tears when I finished. We all need happy endings.
~ Susan, New Hampshire

This novella reminds us that love is much, much more than mere romance: New love, old love, sibling love, couple love, inter-generational love… So much love is packed in to this novella that the reader is bathed in the overflowing glow of love by story’s end. Thoroughly enjoyable! ~ Laura, California