Sunflower Spirit Workbook
for Women with Cancer

26  Simple Ways to Follow
the Light of Self, Others & Spirit
While Journeying with Cancer

  Sunflower Spirit gives anyone diagnosed with cancer a handbook overflowing with creative, simple ways to stay mindful and self-connected during what is usually a stressful, chaotic journey. Each idea begins with a different letter of the alphabet and consists of a one-two page essay on the topic as well as an easy-to-follow activity for you to try at home.

The author shares the stories of her own two cancer journeys throughout the book. This wisdom from her personal experience offers the reader a calm feeling of knowing that she is not alone on her own journey with cancer.

Starting with “A is for Anchors,” the author tells the story of her second cancer diagnosis in 2011 and how she chose four Anchor Words that brought her peace of mind during many invasive tests as well as the subsequent surgeries and chemo treatments.

Other chapters include: creative expression, journaling, community connections, loving-kindness meditation, Metta, prayer, expressing emotions, quiet rest, physical needs and more.

 Sunflower Spirit contains lots of space for your own notes and ideas, as well as links to three audio recordings of the author’s own guided imagery meditations which hit just the right chord for anyone on a cancer journey. You can listen to these audios online, or download them as MP3 files.

The book is very easy to use. You can just pick it up and read a few pages and you’ll have somewhere to begin!

Cancer patients love it because it doesn’t take a lot of energy to dive into. We all know how surgery and treatments can sap our energy. Well, the beauty of this book is in its simplicity. It challenges the reader but it makes the challenge easy at the same time.

  Sunflower Spirit also resonates with those who have finished their cancer surgeries and treatments. Life doesn’t always go back to “normal” for a cancer survivor, and the ideas in this book are just as applicable for someone past treatment who still needs to process what happened to them.

78 pages
11″ x 8.5″




beautiful girl shouting out loudHere’s What People Are Saying About
Sunflower Spirit Workbook:

I liked the gentle pacing of the lessons, and the inclusion of so many activities, none of which are over-demanding. Each idea/activity seemed like an invitation to me. Each lesson stands alone, so a reader can dip in and out, pick and choose, take what strikes them as interesting or relevant to them now. It’s practical and manageable and more important, it doesn’t demand a great deal of energy to read or work with.  — Imelda Maguire, Ireland

Having so many great ideas in one place makes it all about Self-Care. This is like the bible of Self-Care during the cancer journey.    —Colleen Haggerty, Washington

This workbook is full of wonderful exercises, questions, tools and suggestions of actions that can be taken to enhance self-care during and after cancer treatments.  Also, there is humor here and there that lightens it up!  I especially liked the personal stories Anne Marie gives for examples. These tools she has brought together give women ways to feel some control in an out-of-control cancer situation.  — Joy Bayus, Michigan

I sure wish I had something like this five years ago.  I would have liked then to have focused more on meditations, affirmations, laughter, expression of feelings, and compassion, but I didn’t know how.  To me this is a “bible” for going through cancer and how to survive it.  I am five years out of treatment and have benefited so much from reading this.
— Linda Page, Massachusetts

I love this e-workbook and will keep it close for anything intense (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) that leaves me completely vulnerable during my life’s journey.  This workbook is an excellent guide for anyone when something comes along to shatter the calm, and also shows us creatively how to regain peace of mind!
— Kas Sobey, Pennsylvania

When you’re in the process of going through cancer and the brain is on such a learning curve, it’s nice to have something like this handed to you. What a gift to have 26 simple ideas presented that address the personal, intimate needs at that time.
—Colleen Haggerty, Washington



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