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Travel Guide

Many of the places in Dragonflies at Night are really real!  Here are some of them along with their websites in case you are ever in the area…



KRIPALU Center is located in western Massachusetts, and it’s one of Anne Marie’s favorite places to retreat, relax, unwind (and do yoga). She’s been going there since 1989.  In Dragonflies at Night, Ben and Savannah meet in a KRIPALU yoga class, and then again in the dining hall, and after that first meeting, they take a walk to the lake together. More info about KRIPALU here.

1 minute video of Anne Marie at KRIPALU (main building):

1 minute video of Anne Marie at KRIPALU (walk to the lake):


Chocolate Springs is a really, really, REALLY good chocolate shop in Lenox, Massachusetts (in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts). In Dragonflies at Night, our romantic leads, Ben and Savannah, enjoy some sweet treats here. More info about Chocolate Springs here.

1 minute video of Anne Marie at Chocolate Springs:


Tanglewood is a beautiful performing arts center in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. In Dragonflies at Night, our romantic hero, Ben Shepherd, performs a live concert here. This is where he first sings “Dragonfly Lady” to Savannah.   More info about Tanglewood here.

1 minute video of Anne Marie AT Tanglewood:


The Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites is located on Derby Street, right at Pickering Wharf, in downtown Salem, Massachusetts.

Savannah’s condo is also at Pickering Wharf, and this is the restaurant (below) where Ben, Andi, and Brando are waiting for her to join them for dinner (near the end of the story)

More info about the Salem Waterfront Hotel here.



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