Dragonflies at Night: Meet the Characters #1 Savannah

Savannah Rose Adams is the wounded yet brightly positive heroine of my novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story (landing 9/22/20).

Please note that Savannah is entirely fictional, created by my imagination and hefty dose of magic from my creative muses. I know that she isn’t real (!) but this photo is the closest thing I could find to the image that I have of her in my mind.  She is about 5′ 10″, a size 12, and has shortish curly blonde hair and a bright smile.

Savannah loves (in no particular order) her party planning business (Life Celebrations), her best friend Andi, healthy foods, the theatre, yoga, her silver dragonfly necklace, books, her cats (whose names you will learn on page 77), theatre, solitude, and eventually Ben Shepherd (whom you’ll meet next week).

How is Savannah wounded?
Her mother died from breast cancer when Savannah was 15. This loss was exacerbated when her father was killed in a car accident several months later.

Why do you say she is “brightly positive?”
Savannah’s mother, Deirdre Rose (whom you’ll meet in an upcoming post), was an outgoing, vivacious woman who loved to celebrate life. Savannah adopted that philosophy after her mother died, and even named her party planning business “Life Celebrations.”

What does Savannah want more than anything?
She wants to fall in love and create a family like her parents did.  However, she greatly fears being diagnosed with cancer like her mother was, and dying like her mother did.  Not because of the inconvenience of such a diagnosis or even because she’s afraid of death. The fear comes from not wanting to leave her child behind, the way she herself was left.

So what’s up with all the dragonflies?
After her mother’s funeral, a dragonfly settles on Savannah’s arm for several minutes and Savannah feels the comfort of her mother’s presence.

Woven through the story is the fact that those who love us are never really “gone” once they die. Their presence is still with us. And this presence is valuable to Savannah as she learns to step through her fear of getting close to Ben.

Do you have a question for or about Savannah? Post them here and I will do my best to answer!

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4 thoughts on “Dragonflies at Night: Meet the Characters #1 Savannah”

  1. Savannah seems very down to earth and strong as she emerges from her mom’s funeral with a purpose to carry on her mom’s memory in the form of her new company. It seems as if she’s not intimidated by Sam’s legendary international fame either which looks to be very interesting. Looks like she’s more interested in him as a person, his songs that beams special messages that unites them when they’re apart.

  2. I can relate to Savannah. When I was young, I decided not to never marry. This decision was made because of my mother dying at a young age (33), and then by seeing the heartache my father went through. Luckily for me, God had other plans! I married at the age of 28 (!), and Russ and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary this past August.

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