Walking the Path of SoulCollage

“You are not alone on the journey” is the powerful message conveyed by this book – don’t we all need to hear it? Through stories, prompts, and the voices of her SoulCollage® cards, Anne Marie invites us to creative practice and deeper connection with our souls. “Honor every step of way” is the call woven through these inspiring pages. Let them beckon you to new inner discoveries and surprises.
~ Mariabruna Sirabella, SoulCollage® Lead Trainer and Founder of the School Of The Origins.

SoulCollage® is a process where we create a personal, ongoing deck of collaged 5×8 cards, each one representing some aspect of our lives and our journey. The cards are used with journaling activities, small group activities, and more, to dive into our hearts and souls. Many inner discoveries are made as the process continues. It is fun, simple, and anyone can do it!

These 87 inspiring essays will lead you to a better understanding of the SoulCollage® process in relation to: yourself and all of your inner parts, beloveds and teachers in your community (known and unknown), the naysayers that block you on your journey to your brightest self, different ways to work with your cards, and answers to many frequently asked questions about the SoulCollage® process.

Each essay is followed by prompts for journaling as well as suggestions for SoulCollage® card making
and further reading. Most essays have links to examples of SoulCollage® cards included. If you are new to the process, you will get a good feel for the inner depths that you can discover. If you are already making cards, you will be invited to swim deeper into the heart-opening process that is SoulCollage®. If you are a SoulCollage® Facilitator, you will find a treasure trove of ideas and activities for you to use in your workshops as well as with your own personal deck.