A Writer’s Desk

Welcome to my writing space!
When we built this house in 1995, this room was my stepson’s bedroom. When he moved out ten years later, we converted it into a guest room. But now we have two other guest rooms in our home, so this year … abracadabra! It is now my writing space.

Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story will be released on September 22 of this year. It was written in this little room over the course of six years, although I had a different desk then.

The walls are a light shade of lavender and the sheer curtains at the window are ombre, holding all the pastel colors of the rainbow. It is a sheer(!) pleasure just to walk into this little room.  When I shut the door, I am happily enclosing myself into my imagination!

If you’d like a close-up, short video tour of my writing room, just click here.

Let me know, in the comments below, what you liked best about my writing space… or even share a photo of your own writing space, or favorite room in your home.


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