Savannah & I Share a Cancer Story

A question I am frequently asked about this book is:

Which character do you most relate to and why?

In my women’s contemporary romance novel, Dragonflies at Night, Savannah Adams loses her mother to breast cancer at the age of fifteen, and her father to a terrible car accident at sixteen. Because of this, Savannah feels anxious and afraid that she has inherited cancer, AND that—if she has children—she will die young and leave behind a grieving child like her mother did. These fears stop her from loving Ben Shepherd fully.

Even though I didn’t lose my parents until my adult years, I relate the most to Savannah because I totally understand her fear of receiving a cancer diagnosis. I went through surgeries and treatments for breast cancer in 2002 and went through the whole rigamarole again with angiosarcoma in 2011, so I can tell you that her fear is very real.

Savannah is also an introvert who loves solitude, the theatre, and her two cats (among other things!). Needless to say, these characteristics are also parts of ME! Also, I love her attitude about celebrating life, and all of her party ideas for her Life Celebrations business. She is creative, and I can definitely identify with that part of her as well.  It’s funny… at one point, Ben points out to her that she is an introvert who loves giving parties. And that he is an extrovert who is a terrible host. Which is just one more way that these two are a perfect match!

How exactly is Savannah able to move past her fears of loving Ben and having children with him? Or does she? Okay, okay, I will tell you up front that she does indeed move past her fears. After all, my stories are all about stirring the soul, right?

So… I won’t tell you how she begins to realize that her fears are getting in the way of a life that she yearns for.

But I will tell you that the dragonflies have something to do with it, and so does her mom, even though she’s been gone nineteen years! Curious? Read Dragonflies at Night and discover the answer. I think it’ll make your heart happy!

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