Sand Angels & Feathers & Maine,
Oh My!

The women’s novel I’m writing right now takes place in a fictional seaside town in Southern Maine. Forty-something Tess Gilmore is a single mother in New Haven (Connecticut) who’s been working her butt off and taking night classes in office management the last four years, and has lost touch with her newly-graduated son Micah and her eleven-year-old daughter Eva.

When Micah’s plans change, Tess and Eva move to Seahaven – new job, new life, and a closer relationship with Tess’s Aunt Kit.

There’s a little bit of romance for Tess on the way (I won’t say more!) and also a mystery, when Eva makes sand angels on the beach with her babysitter and starts finding feathers in unusual places!  Where are the feathers coming from? Are they really from the angels, like Eva thinks? And how can Tess forge a close relationship with Eva and Micah when they’ve spent so much time apart?

I’ve written the first draft and now I’m in the shallow end of the pool that is called “revision.” I have a ways to go, but I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the process, and falling more and more in love with Tess, Eva, Kit and their new neighbors: Jasper, Glory, Kalila and Samuel, plus Eva’s new friends Poppy and Teo.

If you’ve read my first novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story, you’ll be delighted to know that Ben and Savannah play a very important part in the Seahaven Theatre (Sands of Time) fundraiser gala!

I hope to have a third or fourth draft in the hands of some Beta readers later this fall. If you’re interested in giving me critical and crucial feedback then, please let me know!

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