Soul-Stirring Writers I Admire

Don’t make me choose!!!!!

I am often asked “Who is your favorite writer?” 


That’s like asking me to name my favorite grandchild or brand of chocolate!

Not fair. At. All.

There’s no way I can only choose one, but I’ll narrow it down a little.  Here are some of my most favorite authors.

In the fiction field, these are the ones who have inspired me the most in my own mission of writing stories that stir the soul:

Elizabeth Berg
Elizabeth Cunningham
Ann Crawford

And I just read the most amazing women’s novel, The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin. Highly, highly recommend!

There are also some insight-full, soul-full, and immensely wise non-fiction authors who make the top of my list:

Jennifer Louden
Jeff Foster
Tara Brach

Please comment below, who are some of YOUR favorite soul-stirring fiction or non-fiction authors?

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