Micah Joins the Army

In my upcoming novel, Feathers in the Sand, one of the characters (Micah) unexpectedly joins the Army and his decision affects his mother Tess and little sister Eva in huge (and also unexpected) ways.
My brother John served in the Air Force after college and my stepdaughter Amanda did the same right years right out of high school.
Both found their service highly rewarding.
Let’s set aside time today to honor and send prayers to the 1.4 million enlisted service members in all branches of our military. There are currently approximately 187,000 deployed service members in 140 countries.
I am honoring their service by volunteering with Soldiers Angels, a nonprofit organization. I write letters, and send cards and care packages to deployed service members. It’s highly rewarding.  Their slogan is “Let no soldier go unloved.”  Many have no family back home to write to them, and I like to feel that I am doing a small service for them in my own way.

What about you? Do you know someone who is serving or has served in the military? Send them some extra love today.
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