Welcome to My Desk!

I say desk, singular, but in fact, I have two writing desks. This is just a piece of one of them. I know, I’m very lucky. No, make that blessed!

But right now I’m writing this while sitting on the sofa in our family room, with one lazy gray cat named Louis sprawled all over my legs. My laptop, since it’s not on my lap, is resting on the sofa arm. Such is life.

Sometimes you’ll find me writing on our front porch in the wicker rocking chair with my feet up on the railing. And you can catch me on our sun porch too. And in the big comfy recliner in my study. I’ve written on a small deck overlooking the Atlantic ocean, and in my car with my journal and favorite gel pen.

I guess my point is… if you like to write… you don’t have to have one special place, or even a desk. The point is to simply WRITE… wherever you are, and wherever the Muse strikes you. (More about the Muse in another entry.)

Thanks for joining me here!

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