Dragonflies at Night Update

I’m back!

And before you ask, I don’t actually have an orange typewriter. I use a silvery laptop that opens me up to my imagination every time…

Good news about my upcoming Women’s Fiction novel Dragonflies at Night…

The manuscript has been edited and proofread (several times by several different pairs of eyes) and now it is in the hands of the ever-fabulous and amazing Carol Coogan, my book designer.

Publication date: September 22, 2020. I chose this date because it’s an important date in the life of Savannah Adams, one of my main characters.

Next step… creating a cover! Thanks to Carol’s creativity and artistic skill, I don’t think this step will be difficult. If she offers me several choices, I might ask y’all to help me choose.

Moving forward, there are MANY more steps ahead of me, particularly in the realm of ways to get the word out about Dragonflies at Night. In March I will be spending much time researching book marketing and publicity.

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Wishing you peace on your journey,


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