Dragonflies at Night: Meet the Characters #3 Deirdre Rose

Deirdre Rose Adams is the late mother of our heroine, Savannah Rose Adams, in my upcoming novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story (landing 9/22/20).

Please note that Deirdre Rose— and all of my characters—are entirely fictional, created by my imagination and a hefty dose of magic from my creative muses. I know that she isn’t real (!) but this photo is the closest thing I could find to the image that I have of her in my mind.  She was tall like Savannah and had curly hair that was a darker shade than Savannah’s. Deirdre Rose gifted her daughter with her easy smile, and her philosophy about celebrating life.

Okay, ‘fess up… how is Savannah’s dead mother one of the main characters?
Good question! I was hoping you’d ask me this 🙂  Deirdre Rose died from complications due to breast cancer when Savannah was 15 years old. However, I believe strongly in this quote from St. John Chrysostom (see image to  the right).

Even though Deirdre Rose has transitioned to a different plane of reality, she is still present in Savannah’s life in many ways.

From time to time it is easy to find a way to connect with my daughter between her world and mine. A simple thought. A dragonfly to rest on her hand. Some numbers on a clock. The scent of lilacs when no lilacs are in view.
~ Deirdre Rose, in Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story

Does Savannah feel her mother’s presence?
Yes, from time to time. And she senses her presence even more after she meets Ben, which is comforting to her.

Does Deirdre Rose actually appear to Savannah, like a ghost?
Not at all! This isn’t a ghost story; it’s a love story. It’s more like Savannah has a sense of her mom’s presence now and then. Also, Deirdre Rose narrates certain parts of the story, from her point of view.

Hey, I thought this was a love story! But there’s a dead person telling part of it?
That’s right! Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story is most definitely a romantic love story between Savannah and Ben. But the reason it’s “More Than a Love Story” is because there is a deeper Love represented here. I’m talking about a bigger, broader, all-encompassing Love that lasts beyond death. Capital-L-Love. Also there is mother-daughter love, aunt-niece love, and the love of good friends.

What is Deirdre Rose’s connection to Dragonfly?
When she was young, she was fascinated with insects, and was even studying to be an entomologist. Dragonflies were her favorite insect; they fascinated her in many ways, some of which are interspersed throughout the novel. Eventually she turned towards her other passion—theatre fashion design—as a more realistic career.

What does Deirdre Rose want more than anything?
She wants to be absolutely certain that Savannah is truly on the other side of her grief and despair over losing her parents as a teenager.

Do you have a question for or about Deirdre Rose? Post it here and I will do my best to answer!

And stay tuned… next week you’re going to meet Aunt Suzanna, who has played a very important part in Savannah’s life.

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  1. I must thank Anne Marie for writing about this close mother/daughter bond, although far apart, they connect as each other’s advocate and support. Savannah learnt to be very, very independent, a pillar of love and strength, make intelligent choices and become admired by all of her peers and community. She got some of her hard working traits from her mother, Deirdre Rose, who is greatly loved for all of her accomplishments in her life. Love to Anne Marie ????

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