How Does a Novel Get Published?

After Writing a Book, What is the Next Step?
Good question, as the final draft of Sea Glass Memories (Seahaven Sunrise Book 2) is complete (phew!), and I am feeling proud and excited!
There are a few “next steps” but the first one is this:
I put the manuscript aside and find a way to celebrate.
For me, this involves a day of quietude near the ocean,
and a special dinner with my husband.
If I wanted to publish Sea Glass Memories the traditional way,
I would either seek out an agent
or send query letters to “real” publishers.
Since I choose to self-publish, my next steps involve:
  1. Hiring a cover designer
  2. Hiring an interior book layout designer
  3. Working with a marketing specialist to create an effective marketing plan
I feel blessed that over the last two years, I’ve discovered three wonderful, creative, professional women who work with me on these steps. If I didn’t already have them in my corner, I would need to do some research to find specialists in these areas whose work I admire and who have time available in their schedules.
My “next steps” list is long and reaches from now until October 10 when
Sea Glass Memories will make its way onto bookshelves. This list includes but isn’t limited to:
  1. Getting 3-4 professional/editorial reviews (most take 8-12 weeks)
  2. Laying the groundwork for the marketing campaign- setting up online book tours, book signings . . .etc.
  3. Making the book available on Amazon and also on all digital platforms (Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd…etc)
  4. Securing copyright
  5. Gathering a dedicated group of Super Fans who will help me in October by leaving reviews on Amazon and GoodReads (by the way, if this interests you, let me know)
  6. …. You get the idea!
Some may think that after the imaginative, intuitive work of writing and then tirelessly revising a novel, that the rest of the steps aren’t creative. Not so! I am able to pour as much love and creativity into the birthing process of my books as when I am dreaming up the stories and writing them.
Do you have a question about the writing process? Please comment below or use the Contact button at the top of this page. I’m happy to answer you directly and might include it in a future issue of my monthly newsletter.
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