One Year Birthday!

🥇 Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Winner: Women’s Fiction

Savor a breath of fresh salty air in this feel-good story about one woman’s journey back to her daughter . . . back to happiness . . . back to herself.

Feathers in the Sand is ONE YEAR OLD this month!

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What is Feathers in the Sand all about? Read on, my friend, read on…

Single mom Tess Gilmore has been moving so fast to keep her life together that she’s hardly had time to notice how unhappy she is, and how distant she’s become from Eva, her preteen daughter. An unexpected job opportunity offers a chance to leave her Connecticut home for Seahaven, the idyllic coastal Maine town where she spent her childhood summers.

With a reluctant Eva in tow, the two begin to carve out a new life in Seahaven, surrounded by colorful, quirky neighbors and soothing sea breezes. Within weeks, Eva begins to discover mysterious, brightly-colored feathers in surprising places.

As Tess and Eva are embraced by their new friends, they begin to work through their mother-daughter growing pains, but a surprising run-in with Tess’s first love, Luca, has the potential to re-ignite their interrupted romance . . . or destroy her new and improved relationship with Eva.

Will Tess have to choose between Luca and Eva? Where are those beautiful feathers coming from? And how can Tess redefine her life in a way that includes true happiness?

Perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls and loaded with relatable mother-daughter moments and family drama, Feathers in the Sand delivers a sweet escape to charming small-town Maine for a second chance at happiness.

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