Feathers in the Sand 🪶 🪶 🪶 Cover Reveal

Feathers in the Sand (Seahaven Sunrise Series Book 1)
floats onto bookshelves everywhere in 27 days!
Who’s excited? I’m excited!
My Super Fans have already seen the cover, and you are next….
just click the play button on this 25 second video!

Available for pre-order now on Amazon .

Gilmore Girls Go To Maine!

My new women’s novel, Feathers in the Sand was inspired in part by Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, of that classic, best-ever TV show, Gilmore Girls.  Do you love the small town vibe in Stars Hollow? Read on  . . .
I didn’t discover TV’s Gilmore Girls until 2011 when I was going through treatments for cancer.
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A Book Cover is Born!

Here it is, folks!

Savor a breath of fresh salty air in this feel-good story about one woman’s journey to believe she deserves happiness.

Single mom Tess Gilmore has been moving so fast to keep her life together that she’s hardly had time to notice how unhappy she is, and how distant she’s become from Eva, her preteen daughter. Continue reading →

Have You Ever Seen a Seahaven Sunrise?

The sun will rise and set regardless.
What we choose to do with the light
while it’s here is up to us.
– Alexandra Elle

The theme of new beginnings is prominent in my upcoming women’s novel, Feathers in the Sand. Tess Gilmore and her 11-year-old daughter, Eva, are forced to make a new beginning in Seahaven, Maine. Continue reading →

Love at First Sight?

The main characters of Dragonflies at Night, singer/songwriter Ben and party planner Savannah, fall fast and hard for each other, pretty much immediately. They each know, on some level, that they are meant to be with each other.

While some people think that falling love at first sight (or almost first sight) isn’t a “thing,” I experienced it firsthand in 1991 when I met a handsome guy named Jeff on a blind date. Continue reading →

My New Book of SoulCollage® Essays is Here!

I am currently in the shallow end of revisions for my second women’s novel, tentatively titled “Feathers in the Sand,” so it’ll be a while before that is ready for my beta readers. BUT…

In the meantime, I want to make y’all aware that I’ve just published my THIRD book of essays about the inner growth process called SoulCollage®.  Continue reading →