A Lesson in Surrender

It seems that my inner guides and teachers are nudging me towards lesson upon lesson in surrender. I am getting the sense that surrender isn’t just letting go of a situation or someone who needs help. It is letting go into the hands of Another.

For example, last summer, there was a black and white tuxedo cat who had been hanging out on our porch since my beloved 18 year old Sasha died.  I believe there is a connection although that remains a mystery to me.  I named him Raj because he seems majestic (and because Raj is my favorite character on The Big Bang Theory!).

We fed Raj whenever he showed up.  Sometimes he let me rub the top of his head, but usually he seemed afraid of human contact.  I feel so blessed that he came here and that he trusted us enough to spend hours and days on our comfy porch loveseat.  Somehow, whenever he was nearby, I also felt that Sasha and Scooter were with him, looking out for me.

But we had some really cold nights during the winter, and I found myself worrying endlessly about what would happen to Raj when it got below freezing.  Where did he go?  How did he keep warm?

Then I realized that I could surrender Raj’s well-being, more of an internal surrender.  As I surrendered Raj to the care of the One Who Cares for All Creatures, I was able to let go of the incessant worry inside my heart, which then freed up my thoughts and creative energy for other things.  I consciously activated an inner trust that Raj would know where to go and how to care for himself when the nights got frosty.  I trusted that God / Spirit has angels watching over Raj the same as they watch over all of us, every every moment.

I am learning that to surrender isn’t necessarily to give up, or to give up hope. It is to have absolute trust and faith that a Higher Power is taking care of the situation, and that since there is no way I can see the Big Picture, I can surrender it to Someone who can.

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