Writing All the Time!

 I practice an intuitive self-discovery process called SoulCollage® where we make many different collaged 5×8 cards to create a personal deck. We included cards that represent our inner voices/parts, beloved community members and teachers, archetypal guides, and Animal Companions that embody our chakras.

One of the first cards I made was this one, to honor the part of me who loves to write.  I have been taking pencil, pen, and markers to paper since I was a little girl. I still write in my journal using ink pens, but most of the stories and essays that I write are word-processor-created. This is a good thing for me, because my fingers can keep up with the thoughts that sometimes parade through my brain at warp speed!

I also have cards for my Inner Fiction Writer, and my Inner Writer Who Writes About Real Things (aka non-fiction!). I’ll share those with you in a future post!  In the meantime, think about something YOU love to do, something you’ve enJOYed since you were young.  Find some images in magazines that represent that activity, and make your own collage!  What to do with it when you’re done? Check out this page for some good ideas.

Share your thoughts with me here or via email annemarie@annemariebennett.com  I look forward to hearing (and maybe seeing) your responses.

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