Stories That Stir the Soul: Novel Recommendation

I’m happy to report that my fast drafting is going well. I’m two weeks in now and I’ve been able to keep to my commitment of 4-5 days a week, butt in seat, fingers moving on the keyboard No Matter What, 2-3 hours each time. Progress is being made. I am falling more in love with Tess and Eva and Micah (Tess’s mom? Not so much!).

Here’s a recommendation of a story that stirred MY soul, and I hope it blesses your life as well.

Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral, by Kris Radish. Kris is one of my favorite authors because she writes about women, and women’s friendships, in a way that is brilliantly relatable and authentic. This story is about a woman named Annie who has left a unique legacy to five of her closest friends: they are to travel together to several of the places in the United States that were turning points for her while she was alive. What these women learn about Annie, each other, and themselves, makes for a wonderful journey, one that you won’t soon forget.

Please comment below if you’ve read any of Kris Radish’s wonder-full novels about women, or any other novels that have stirred YOUR soul.

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