Listen While You Work?

There has been some talk in my writer’s groups about what we listen to while we’re writing. For me, when I’m “making up stories” aka working on a novel, I prefer silence. Or the sound of the ocean outside my door, as I was lucky enough to hear last week while retreating Maine.

When I’m journaling, though, or writing nonfiction essays for my Soul Treasures SoulCollage newsletter, or my author newsletter, I prefer soothing, wordless music from artists such as Diane Arkenstone, Liquid Mind, Deuter Steven Halpern, and Kamal.

I find this kind of music easy to write with because there are no discernible melodies to distract my already-busy mind!  

What do YOU like to listen to for writing and/or journaling?

Below is a short playlist for you to try it out for yourself! And let me know what you’re writing right now, IF writing is your thing. Writing not your thing? Let me know what you’re reading (I KNOW you like to read or you wouldn’t be here 🙂

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