Connection to Spirit

Each time I was thrust on a cancer journey, I was led to re-evaluate my relationship with Spirit.  You may choose to call this energy – God, The One, Source, Goddess, The Universe, All That Is, Mother Nature, Allah, or any other name that feels right to you.

I was able, during my “down time” to move closer to Spirit through quiet times of meditation, prayer, guided imagery, and stillness.  This deepened my sense that I am never ever alone, and it also speeded up my healing process immensely.

On this site and in our community yahoo group, I hope to open us all up to discussing ways to connect to the Divine, and how a close relationship with Spirit brings about mental, emotional and sometimes even physical healing.


Ways to Connect to the Divine

I am the one who hears Spirit’s voice in the stillness.

1.  Find a quiet place alone, where you won’t be disturbed. This means: away from the computer, and turn off the cell phone!  When you have come to stillness, focus on your breathing, just as it is. Don’t try to change it.  Just pay attention to the fact that you are in a body, and that that body is breathing.  In…. out…. in….. out….    This connection to your breath is a beautiful way to stay connected to yourself, AND to Spirit.

2.  Do some journaling about your own spiritual journey. Where were you and how old were you when you first felt connected to Spirit (or whatever name you want to give the Divine)?  How has this connection remained in your life?  How has it changed?  Make a list of places, people or activities that bring you closer to Spirit.

3. Choose one of the items on your list, and make a commitment to practice this on a daily basis in some way.  Remember, your imagination can be a powerful tool on this journey. For instance, if you wrote “I feel closer to Spirit when I walk by the ocean,” don’t despair if you live thousands of miles from the sea, or if you are too bone weary right now to go there.  Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking by the ocean.  Or riding a horse, or picking flowers… whatever it is that strengthens your own sense of connection to the Divine.


Other Ideas


Some people deepen connection to Spirit by: creating art, praying, meditating, saying the Rosary, chanting, using aromatherapy, creating mandalas, singing, playing, walking in Nature, going to church or temple, sitting in Circle with others, making love, silence, solitude, playing or listening to music, or sculpting in clay.

What ways do YOU find most helpful?



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