Baby Steps

At first the whole idea of writing another novel seemed daunting. Even though the characters and story had been tugging at my heart for a while. Then I remembered something I learned in a Jennifer Louden class years ago:

Baby steps.

A lot can be accomplished by consistently doing a big project in teeny tiny chunks. Continue reading →

Stories That Stir the Soul: Novel Recommendation

I’m happy to report that my fast drafting is going well. I’m two weeks in now and I’ve been able to keep to my commitment of 4-5 days a week, butt in seat, fingers moving on the keyboard No Matter What, 2-3 hours each time. Progress is being made. I am falling more in love with Tess and Eva and Micah (Tess’s mom? Continue reading →

Let the Writing Begin!

As you may have heard, I have begun work on my new novel which is tentatively called Feathers in the Sand. For the last few months I’ve been devoting my scheduled writing time to creating characters, doing research, imagining settings, and dreaming up plot points. This photo shows part of my process of creating/getting to know the main characters (me and my imagination, holed up in a hotel room in Maine, with colored markers and lots of paper!). Continue reading →

Laying It Out

All my life I’ve been reading, reading, reading… but never paying any attention to a book’s interior design. Have you? Probably not!

This week my main focus has been on the interior book layout for Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story. I sent Carol Coogan, my fabulous book designer, my manuscript as an MS Word doc, and she is using a program called InDesign to lay out the book in an orderly, yet elegant fashion. Continue reading →

My Honey-Do List

It was a big joke when I was little- the “Honey Do List.” Supposedly it was a list that a housewife made for her “honey” of a husband to DO.  I loved the play on words even though I really didn’t care for honey dew melon.

I have always been a list-maker, having been born into a long matriarchal line of female list-makers (thank you Mom and Gram). Continue reading →

A Writer’s Desk

Welcome to my writing space!
When we built this house in 1995, this room was my stepson’s bedroom. When he moved out ten years later, we converted it into a guest room. But now we have two other guest rooms in our home, so this year … abracadabra! It is now my writing space. Continue reading →