This is Dedicated…

I love coming up with the dedication page for my books!

I dedicated Feathers in the Sand (Seahaven Sunrise Book 1) to my older brothers John and Joe, because of the special relationship that Eva has with her big brother Micah. I know a lot about big brother-little sister good relationships! Continue reading →

The Cancer Games – Part 2- Honoring Our Grief

hunger games rueIn the film The Hunger Games, based on the book by Suzanne Collins, there is a very tender scene after  one of the younger tributes (Rue) is fatally injured.  Katniss, our 17 year old heroine, has formed an alliance with her and is devastated by her death.

Even though she is fighting for her own survival, Katniss takes the time and energy to honor her loss, and to honor Rue.  Continue reading →