Dragonflies at Night: Meet the Characters #1 Savannah

Savannah Rose Adams is the wounded yet brightly positive heroine of my novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story (landing 9/22/20).

Please note that Savannah is entirely fictional, created by my imagination and hefty dose of magic from my creative muses. I know that she isn’t real (!) Continue reading →

My First Novel- Age 12

That’s right! 52 years ago I wrote my very first novel, called “The Cat Colony.” Jiminy! When I say it like that, (52 years ago, gees!), I feel really old. But I digress.

It started out as a 6th grade assignment from my English teacher, Mr. Ballentine. Write a short story. Continue reading →

This is Dedicated to…

One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting a book ready for publication is to write the dedication.  I kindof think of the dedication as a little stream of love and gratitude heading out into the world towards whoever/whatever inspired me.

But I also love reading the dedication page whenever I begin reading something new. Continue reading →

Let There Be Dragonflies!

Yes, indeed!

This week (among other things!) I’ve been working with Carol Coogan, my illustrious and very talented book designer, on the interior layout for the 9/22/20 release of my women’s novel, Dragonflies at Night.

Below you will see some screenshots of a few of the layout pages.  Notice that I had Carol insert some little dragonfly icons in different places! Continue reading →

Laying It Out

All my life I’ve been reading, reading, reading… but never paying any attention to a book’s interior design. Have you? Probably not!

This week my main focus has been on the interior book layout for Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story. I sent Carol Coogan, my fabulous book designer, my manuscript as an MS Word doc, and she is using a program called InDesign to lay out the book in an orderly, yet elegant fashion. Continue reading →

A Writer’s Desk

Welcome to my writing space!
When we built this house in 1995, this room was my stepson’s bedroom. When he moved out ten years later, we converted it into a guest room. But now we have two other guest rooms in our home, so this year … abracadabra! It is now my writing space. Continue reading →