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  • Sea Glass Memories 🌊🩵🌊 Women's Feel Good Fiction

    Sea Glass Memories 🌊🩵🌊 Women's Feel Good Fiction

    Sea Glass Memories. This is for a SIGNED paperback copy and includes FREE SHIPPING!

    I am still grieving the loss of a dear friend in 2021 and this book helped me process some of the feelings I’m still carrying. It validated the pain I still carry and lightened the load a little. ~ Shannon, Amazon reviewer

    If you love good descriptions, lyrical prose and genuinely touching human interactions, this book will be a great read for you. ~ C. Jarman, Amazon reviewer

    Anne Marie Bennett wrote a powerful story in such a delicate way that gave me some relief and hope. I won't easily forget it. ~ Fede Crasta, Netgalley reviewer

    The story is so much more than a romance. It’s about life, love, loss, grief, healing, and believing in second chances. I couldn’t help but think of the Netflix show Virgin River when I was reading this and I like that show! ~ Aneela Ehsan, Bookseller, Netgalley review

    Seahaven is a nourishing and forgiving place to rest, grieve, heal, and begin again. I encourage you to spend some time in this charming, seaside town. ~ D. Slonek, Amazon reviewer

    This book, along with some genuine sea glass, would make a wonderful gift for someone special in your life. ~ D. Slonek, Amazon reviewer

    Sea Glass Memories 🌊🩵🌊 Women's Feel Good Fiction

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