Connection to Self

When I stay connected to myself, it means that I accept myself, my body, my feelings and thoughts, no matter what. It means being aware of what is happening in my mind and heart EVEN AS I go through surgeries and/or treatments (and beyond).

Staying connected to who I am at my deepest core, helps me to maintain balance and to be true to myself on all levels.

This can be a challenge for us on the best days of our lives, not to mention when we’re taking active steps to rid our beautiful bodies of cancer.


How to Stay Connected to Yourself

1.  Try looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror a couple of times a day, even if you don’t have any hair, or if you have dark circles under your eyes or scars on your body.  Look into your EYES, remember who you really are. Remember who you WERE before all this happened.

2. Write a love letter to yourself.  Say to yourself all the loving things a kind and nurturing mother would say to you.

3. Be gentle with yourself. Know that whatever you’re thinking and feeling is NORMAL.  Don’t beat yourself up for feeling angry or scared or for crying in the middle of the night.

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