Bonus: Guided Meditation

On page 50 of Bright Side of the Road, I describe a guided meditation (Circle of Community) which helped me through my surgeries and subsequent treatments. When I was working on the final draft of the book, I had a brilliant idea!  Why not record this meditation and share it with my readers?   So I did!  I changed the name to Blessed Community Circle and you can access it below.

Research has shown that by the process of relaxing your breathing, and by setting up safe and sacred space, you can direct your powerful imagination to send signals to your brain that can help your body with positive effects for your immune system, your blood pressure and more.

Click on the links below to access the audio recording of my voice guiding you through a similar meditation that will assist you in easily accessing YOUR own community’s support and love.

Click here to listen online to the Guided Meditation, Blessed Community Circle. Total listening time: 18 minutes

Click here to download Blessed Community Circle as an mp3 file so you can save it and listen to it on your computer or portable music player. Total listening time: 18 minutes

Note: This meditation is copyrighted by Anne Marie Bennett, 2009. The music in the background is by Mark Stanton Welch, used with his permission.

Please feel free to share this meditation with anyone you think will benefit from it, and give credit to Anne Marie and Mark wherever you share it!


Additional recordings of Guided Meditations by Anne Marie Bennett.